Mactan Island Hopping

The  Philippines is geographically located at the apex of the Coral Triangle, an area recognized by marine ecologists the world over as a global center of marine biodiversity. The coastal waters of its vast marine expanse contain a wider range of species of corals, reef fishes, seagrasses, and mangroves than anywhere else in the world and  one could consider Mactan  as just one of its “showrooms”.  The teeming marine life has made the island one of the focus areas in terms of biodiversity protection. You only have to go on an island hopping tour to see and know what we mean.The Mactan Island hopping offers choices of Islands you may want to explore.


Tour A: Talima Fish Sanctuary, Sulpa Island & Coahagan Island
Tour B: San Vicente Fish Sanctuary, Sulpa Island & Caohagan Island
Tour C: Caohagan Island, Tres-Marias & Sulpa Island
Tour D: Hilutungan Island, Nalusuan Island, Caohagan Island
Tour E: Pandanon Island

CAOHAGAN ISLAND is one of the islands of the Olango group of islands with a local population of less than 300 residents. These residents  have organized themselves, helping in the upkeep of the island, making the beaches and waters clean. They also help to take care of tourists’ needs by offering their fresh catch for visitors to enjoy during. Caohagan is known for its colorful marine sanctuary which is perfect for snorkeling. There is also asandbar where you can just walk around and take photos. If you are into sports, the islands has its basketball, volleyball and board game areas you can use!

OLANGGO ISLAND. If you are a nature lover, Olanggo Island is the perfect spot for you during an island-hopping tour because aside from its vibrant marine creatures, one of the reasons why this island is well-known to tourists is because of its wildlife sanctuary.

HILUTUNGAN ISLAND. Hilutungan Island or Gilutongan Island is considered as a diver’s and snorkeler’s paradise. It is because underneath the deep blue waters is one of the richest and finest marine sanctuary you can explore. When snorkeling, one may see a barracuda, batfish, clown fish (sea anemone, anemone fish), crayfish (crawfish, crawdad), jackfish (jack, northern pike), parrotfish, sardine, sea urchin, snapper, sweetlips, turtle
SULPA ISLAND, A tiny one compared to others, it is a small but beautiful islet. It is uninhabited but one might enjoy a bbq lunch, or other seafoods sold on this bit of  paradise, and have some drinks. . It is still a good spot for some underwater activities. While often skipped because of its size, those who have been to Sulpa swear its worth the visit. So, we guess its for them to know and for you to find out!
NALUSUAN ISLAND. Known as one of the fishing sanctuaries in Mactan, Nalusuan Island, surely has gathered a lot of attention from both locals and tourists because of its diverse marine life and signature clear waters. There are several activities you could do during your visit to the island including diving and snorkeling, and other watersports :  banana boat, ocean kayak, snorkeling, jet ski rental, parasailing, scuba diving
TALIMA FISH SANCTUARY. The Talima Marine 14-hectare sanctuary is well known for its rich assortment of sea fans beautiful to watch underwater which are actually soft, delicate corals. Due to their beautiful shapes and colors, sea fans often become favorite subjects of underwater photography aficionados. Due to its diverse and colorful marine life, this has also become known as the divers’ sanctuary. The aquatic life in the area include damselfish (demoiselle), gorgonian (sea fan, sea whip), grouper, hard coral, jackfish (jack, northern pike), marine angelfish, moray (eel), snapper, soft coral, sweetlips, triggerfish.
SAN VICENTE FISH SANCTUARY. Belonging to the whole Olango Island group in Mactan, it is considered as one of the most extensive reef areas in Central Visayas. Spanning approximately 4,490 hectares, this paradise boasts of its wide sandy beach, rocky shoreline, inshore flats, seagrass beds, coral reefs, mangrove forest, mudflats, and salt marsh grass surrounding Olango and its satellite islets.
ISLAS TRES ROSAS or TRES MARIAS. The islands have been getting a lot of attention lately because it is surrounded by clear and inviting waters. It is also teeming with a diverse marine life – beautiful corals, colorful fishes, star fishes, and a massive underwater flora. Diving or snorkeling here will provide you a great experience.
PANDANON ISLAND. If frolicking in a white sandbar and swimming in magnificent turguoise waters is your thing, then this island is for you. While it is actually part of Bohol, this has become a favorite island hopping destination because of its proximity to Cebu. And on the way to this island, you just might get lucky and see some dolphins swimming alongside your boat!


    • Exclusive aircon transport for pick-up and drop off from hotel/ residence to Cordova or Marigondon wharf and vice versa.


  1. Choice of any one of the the tours to enjoy:
    • Tour A: Talima Fish Sanctuary, Sulpa Island & Coahagan Island
    • Tour B: San Vicente Fish Sanctuary, Sulpa Island & Caohagan Island
    • Tour C: Caohagan Island, Tres-Marias & Sulpa Island
    • Tour D: Hilutungan Island, Nalusuan Island, Caohagan Island
    • Tour E: Pandanon Island
  2. Private use of Marina registered, DOT accredited boat with NTC certified radio communication:
    • Licensed boat captain’s professional fees
    • Boat crew/ motorman fee
    • Fuel consumption
    • Accident insurance coverage
    • Free use of of lifejackets
    • Grill station on board
    • Toilet and kitchen on board
    • Center table for Dine
    • Whole Day Cruise (8am to 4pm)
  3. Optional (please book ahead):
    • Mask and snorkel set: Php150
    • Videoke set: 1,700
    • Jetski: 2,500 for 30 mins
    • Parasailing: 2,500 minimum of 2pax
    • Banana boat ride: 2,500 (30 mins) good for 8pax
  4. Entrance fees depending on tour:
    • TOUR A : ENTRANCE FEE : 300/pax
      • Caohagan island P200 per head
      • Sulpa island P100 per head
      • Talima Fish Sancturay
      • San Vicente Fish sanctuary P50 per head
      • Sulpa island P100 per head
      • Caohagan island P200 per head
      • caohagan island P200 per head
      • Sulpa island P100 per head
      • Islas Tres Rosas
      • Hilutungan Fish sanctuary P100 per head
      • Nalusuan Island P100 per head
      • Caohagan island P200 per head
  1. Foods & Drinks Rates for minimum of 10pax Menu:
    • Standard menu with choice of cooking:
      • Noodles: bam-i, bihon, pancit guisado, canton guisado
      • Pork: grilled, humba, pork steak
      • Chicken: grilled, buttered, adobo, curry
      • Kinilaw – isda molmol or tuna
      • Shrimp- garlic butter
    • Meal choices served in food trays (minimum 10 orders):
      • Set A. 350 per pax : Noodles, pork, chicken, rice, fruit lakatan, softdrinks swakto. mineral 500ml,
      • Set B. 350 per pax : Noodles, pork, kinilaw isda, rice, lakatan, swakto, mineral 500ml.
      • Set C. 370 per pax : Pork, chicken, shrimp, rice, lakatan, swakto, mineral water 500ml
      • CEBUANO FEAST MENU : 1250 per pax :
        • Appetizers :
          • Gracia’s special kinilaw na tangigue
          • Choice of Guso (eucheuma salad) or  Lato (seagrapes salad)
          • Manggang hilaw with bagoong
        • Rice : Puso (Hanging Rice)
        • Main viand : Lechon, Gracia’s chicken adobo pina-uga (dry), steamed fresh crabs, tangerinned shrimp, inihaw na Cebu Chorizo, fried dried danggit, fried dried pusit
        • Dessert : Fresh fruit platter – Cebu sweet mangoes, pineapple, watermelon, lakatan
        • AM/PM Afternoon snack: Grazzava (Gracia’s Special Cassava Cake)
        • Drinks : 2 bottles 500ml mineral water + 2 round of softdrinks
    • Note : Fresh fish, spider shells may be bought during the island hopping and cooked on board the boat.


  • 07:00AM – Pick up at hotel
  • 08:00AM – Proceed to  island hopping based on island hopping tour choice
  • 3:00PM – Return to wharf
  • 4:00 – dock at wharf
  • 5:30PM – Drop off at hotel

Tips and Reminders

  • Best to go on tour during weekdays to avoid the crowd.
  • Wear aquashoes, rashguard, sun block

Bring extra clothes, & underwater camera/GoPro.


Due to possible weather changes,  island hopping activities may be suspended. In such scenarios, we wish to inform guests that no refund on the  used transportation will be given.


  1. Full refund is given less minimal agency fees if cancellation is made 48 hours prior activity.
  2. No refund will be issued for NO SHOWS.